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Temple Magazine

Temple Magazine, the house magazine of SREE AYYAPPA BHAKTHA SABHA has entered its 21st year of publication and it is a matter of great pride to us that the public in general and our well wishers and devotees in particular have found it interesting and informative.

As is well known to all, the Sabha has been heavily subsidizing this publication, as the per copy sale price is not even half of the production cost. Some of our well-wishers have been supporting us in sustaining this venture at least partly, by releasing their advertisements in the magazine and we are indeed greatly indebted to them.

But, it is our desire that the magazine is made totally self-supporting so that the Sabha funds which are primarily intended for the charitable activities that we are committed to, like maintenance of the hospital, free medical mission, free food scheme and educational assistance for the poor, etc; are fully made available for that.

We would therefore request you to kindly support this noble cause by releasing your advertisement through the pages of PUSHPABHISHEKAM, the Magazine that finds its way into hundreds of houses.

Kindly return the appended order form duly completed with the advertisement matter, preferably for 12 insertions together with your payment for the same.

Your cheque may please be drawn in favour of ‘SREE AYYAPPA BHAKTHA SABHA’.



To : The Secretary, Sree Ayyappa Bhaktha Sabha, 18, Sir Madhavan Road, Mahalingapuram, Chennai – 600 034.

Dear Sir,

We have great pleasure in releasing our advertisement as detailed below in “Pushpabhishekam Magazine” being published by you.

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